Cost effective way for waste disposal of timber, send to me, upcycling in the real

Small cable reels - flatpacked

Delivered yesterday from a company in the south of England who go the extra mile to recycle, 2 pallets of dismantled cable reels for upcycling


Cable reel table set - nesting for Wombat store

designer display tables such as these for one of the Wombat chain of  sports gear shops. They are designed to nest together as one display unit. All surfaces have been sanded, metal polished and lacquered for an industrial look – but safe. These destined for the Chester shop


About davidmeddingsdesign

A designer/maker, in this version using reclaimed materials, the challenge - with some imagination and craft skills much waste material can be upcycled into an item both attractive and functional. I am of the old school, we were actually taught woodwork and metalwork at school, real sharp chisels and real forging using gas, bellows etc. Alas H and S has stopped all that.
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