Reel Rocker

Reel rockers and table on patio

So this was 2001, a selling space at the Norwich King Street Festival with a very rough prototype, but the response from the passers by was enthusiastic to say the least. And I had found the web, and this seemed the perfect piece for self assembly, mail order – and was born

Now in 2010 there is a range of eco furniture upcycled from cable reels and other construction timbers as can be seen in this garden in Cambridge- two rockers and a three leg table 120cms dia.

Nesting Benches

Nesting benches in orchard

One set of three sets of nesting benches upcycled from scaffold boards and construction tNesting benches for audience settingimbers for an educational visitor centre treated with an eco laquer for indoor or outdoor use.

And set out in an orchard to show the audience seating available

Nesting benches

Any size is available to order from stools to bench size seating 3 to 4 persons

3 Responses to Furniture

  1. Click Here says:

    those are really innovative and compact designs. good concept for home furniture’s.

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