I remember looking at the old Sainsburys copper shop signs shining in the sunlight

The Gables sign for period farmhouse in 4" letters
The Gables

Sign for traditional period farmhouse wall in 4″ letters with weathered oak frame

Beadmakers Cottage sign - for a ceramic beadmaker




To complete my clients craft image as a professional beadmaker  and for her cottage sign to be seen at night in reflected car lights down a country lane she commissioned this sign in 2 inch letters

Ozone Terrace, just a healthy name


Just off the Cobb at Lyme Regis, Seaside in  a lane called Ozone Terrace, a 2 line house name in 3 inch letters


Please ring and wait sign



I believe the owner had to open the back garden gate because of the guard dog, time for reflection perhaps. 2 inch letters in polished copper on a weathered oak frame

A real street sign for North HiddenMy first street sign, such a pleasure to make for a very appreciative customer with a love for art nouveau related design


2 Responses to Signs

  1. Jerry Sumrall says:

    I am making a larger reel house with a 8 foot reel in Louisiana and it is 8 foot long. It will have cooling and lights. I may rent it out here at my RV park. How did you attach your side eaves?

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